Ergonomics in Greece

Education in Ergonomics at a University Level

For the time being, there are no academic departments that offer a diploma or a post-graduate title in Ergonomics.

The following departments though include in their educational programmes courses in Ergonomics:

  • National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering, Sector of Production Management and Operational Research
    Faculty Members: Prof. N. Marmaras, Dr. D. Nathanael
  • Techical University of Crete, Dept. of Production Engineering and Management
    Faculty Member: Assoc. Prof. T. Kontogiannis
  • University of Piraeus, Dept. of Production Systems
    Faculty Member: Prof. L. Laios
  • University of the Aegean, Dept. of Production and Systems Design
    Faculty Member: Dr. V. Papakostopoulos
  • University of Patras, Dept. of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers
    Faculty Member: Prof. G. Athanassiou
  • Demokritus University of Thrace, Dept. of Production Engineering and Management
    Faculty Member: Dr. S. Papantonopoulos
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
    Faculty Member: Mr. Mandroukas
  • ΤΕΙ Patras,Dept of Physiotherapy
    Faculty Member: Dr. I. Tsepis
  • ΤΕΙ Athens, Dept. of Physiotherapy
    Faculty Member: Mr. P. Poulmentis
  • ΤΕΙ Thessaloniki, Dept. of Physiotherapy
    Faculty Member: Dr. P. Tsaklis
  • ΤΕΙ W. Makedonia, Dept. of Industrial Design
    Faculty Member: Mr. I. Zoumpourtikoudis
  • ΤΕΙ Larissa, Dept. of Furniture Technology
    Faculty Member: Mr. A. Babalis
  • ΤΕΙ Messologgi, Dept. of Aquaculture and Fisheries
    Faculty Member: Prof. N. Batsoulas

Greek books in Ergonomics

So far, the following books in Ergonomics exist in the Greek language:

  • Laios, L. & Giannakourou, M.  (2003). Modern Ergonomics. Papasotiriou.
  • Marmaras, N. & Papadopoulos, S.  (1997).Working with a personal computer: An aid for the ergonomical evaluation of workstations with PCs. Papasotiriou.
  • Avouris, N. (2000). Introduction to the Human-Computer Interaction. Diavlos.
  • Sirmakesis, S.  Human-Computer Interaction. Editions Greek Letters.
  • Tsaklis, P. (2005). General Pronciples of Ergonomics and Preventive Physiotherapy. University Studio Press.